Magic Formula for Express Entry

If you have Less than 34 yrs old, Masters degree, 3 years of work experience and High Level of English or French, you may qualify for Permanent Residency

How Language Scores affect Express Entry

How Language scores in English and French can affect your Express Entry application and success

How families over 35 years old can immigrate to Canada

How to immigrate to Canada for families over 35 years old. You are still highly encouraged to book a consultation with a professional at North Horizon, so that your case can be assessed in detail

Plan de migración a Canadá para familia

La familia puede iniciar su estrategia migratoria con un programa de estudio y trabajo. Mientras una persona estudia, la pareja recibirá un permiso de trabajo. El objetivo es de encontrar una oferta de trabajo que pueda apoyar el proceso de residencia permanente para toda la familia.

New Canadian Citizenship Law – Conditions to apply

In June 11th 2015, the new Citizenship Laws changed the conditions required for permanent residents to apply for citizenship.

Permiso de Trabajo para Chilenos, Mexicanos, Colombianos, Peruanos

Los ciudadanos de Chile, México, Colombia y Perú tienen facilidad de obtener permiso para trabajar en Canadá. No necesitan el permiso especial del gobierno llamado LMIA. Necesitan una oferta de trabajo en Canadá que este en la lista de acuerdo de libre comercio para cada país.

Vivre au Canada: options pour les francophones bilingues

Il y a plusieurs programmes disponibles pour les francophones qui veulent immigrer au Canada, hors du Québec. Par exemple, le programme de la province de l’Ontario sélectionne les travailleurs qualifiés francophones qui peuvent aussi s’exprimer avec facilité en anglais.

What’s an LMIA?

Canadian employers often need an LMIA to hire foreign workers.

BC PNP Entry Level and Semi Skilled Occupations Program

Apply to Canadian PR through the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) if you work as a long haul truck driver, in tourism and hospitality, in food processing or in a kitchen.

Jobs to Obtain Permanent Residency for Couples Living in Canada

This video is the continuation of the previous one called “How families over 35 years old can immigrate to Canada”. We offer tips on what type of jobs can help you obtain permanent residency. For a more careful assessment of your case, you are encouraged to book a consultation with us.

How to Obtain a Canadian Work Permit – 2019/2020

There are different types of permits under which you can legally work in Canada. Remember that a letter of employment is not enough to get a Canadian work permit. In most cases, you will also need a positive LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) to qualify for a work permit. The exemptions to this requirement are also explained in the video.

Mobilité Francophone: permis de travail pour les francophones

Ce programme facilite aux francophones du monde entier de recevoir un permis de travail au Canada (hors du Québec) sans la nécessité d’effectuer une étude d’impact sur le marché du travail.

Changing Status in Canada from Tourist to Other – 2019

People wonder if it is possible to change their status once they’re in Canada as tourists. The answer is YES. Circumstances can change, or opportunities may arise during your stay in Canada. North Horizon will be happy to assist you if you need to change your status while in Canada.

Everything you need to know about NOC Codes

What’s an NOC Code? How to find your NOC Code and level.

Sponsor a Spouse to Canada

In this video we answer 5 common questions regarding sponsoring a spouse to come live in Canada. If you wish to bring your spouse to Canada, North Horizon Immigration can assist you.

Emigrar a Canadá como empresario mexicano

In this video we answer 5 common questions regarding sponsoring a spouse to come live in Canada. If you wish to bring your spouse to Canada, North Horizon Immigration can assist you.

Master’s study programs that can help you obtain permanent residency in Canada – 2019

This video offers information on what type of Master’s studies can help you obtain permanent residency in Canada. For more information on specific programs, please visit this link:…

How to Avoid Canadian Immigration Fraud

You can protect yourself from immigration fraud by doing a variety of things, including verifying the authenticity of the person you’re dealing with, ensuring you sign valid contracts and collecting written evidence of your interaction. Finally, remember to follow your instincts.

Emigrez au Canada avec Entrée Express 2019

Vous pouvez émigrer au Canada si: vous avez une maîtrise ou un doctorat, vous êtes un jeune adulte et vous parlez le français ou l’anglais au niveau avancé. Si vous considérez que vous répondez à ces trois critères, contactez-nous afin de prendre rendez-vous pour une consultation avec notre experte en immigration, Rita Benkhalti

Como pedir el WES para Express Entry

En menos de 4 minutos, aprenderás cómo pedir el WES para poder convalidar tus estudios y pedir la residencia permanente en Canadá.

Programa de Inversores NAFTA – Emigre a Canadá 2019

Conozca más sobre el programa de inversión de negocios en Canadá (con origen en el NAFTA) que puede servir como vía para lograr la residencia permanente en este país. Dicho programa se aplica para inversores de nacionalidad mexicana y/o norteamericana.

Experiencia en Canada: Working Holiday

Los españoles pueden aplicar a una Working Holiday Visa y obtener un permiso de trabajo de 1 año en Canadá. Mándanos un correo para poder darte más información y hacer tu tramite! Escríbenos:

Everything About Canadian Student Permits – 2019/2020

A student permit is NOT a student visa. This video will help you understand the differences, and also what a student permit consists of. If you need to apply for a student permit to study in Canada, North Horizon Immigration can assist you. Contact us at: or book an appointment directly from our website.

Ventanilla única para Inmigrar a Canadá mediante una inversión

North Horizon es la empresa indicada para la inmigración a Canadá a través de negocios. Ofrecemos apoyo en cuestiones legales, investigaciones de negocios, bienes y raíces, contabilidad y planificación de viajes exploratorios. Visita nuestro sitio web

Canadian Business Immigration – One Stop Shop

North Horizon Immigration is your One Stop Shop for Canadian Business Immigration. We provide support in legal issues, business research, housing and real estate, exploratory trip planning and accounting. Visit us today

How to get your education assessed (Express Entry Program – Canada)

If you intend to immigrate to Canada via the Express Entry program, you will have to have your education assessed. If you wish to be assisted through your application process, contact us at

Quiero inmigrar a Canadá pero tengo dudas Con Rita Benkhalti en el programa ELVIA Y PACHI

En este episodio de Elvia Y Pachi, hablamos de nuestras experiencias como inmigrantes y respondemos a varias dudas sobre inmigrar a Canadá. Vea el video completo en el canal Elvia y Pachi

USA Indocumentados – Options for a new life in Canada

If you’re currently living in the United States without status, Canada may be an opportunity for you. Learn how you could start a new life with legal status in this prosperous nation. North Horizon Immigration can assist you, as well. Contact us at

Entrevista con clientes exitosos: Zacarías y Claudia

Tuvimos el placer de entrevistar a esta linda pareja de mexicanos que han hecho de Vancouver su nuevo hogar. Muchísimas gracias a Claudia y Zacarías por haber compartido su inspiradora historia. En México, ellos se desempeñaban como doctores, y en Canadá han redefinido su futuro abriendo una exitosa clínica de cuidado de la piel Skin Blossom Pro.

Interviews with successful clients: David Bulters (Australia)

The story of an Australian who fell in love with Canada. David came with a Working Holiday visa, and although originally he intended to work in the film industry, he found a passion for bartending and bar managing that eventually led him to apply for Permanent Residency. North Horizon Immigration can help you achieve your goal of residing in Canada. Contact us at