Provincial Nominee Program Ontario French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream

Every province in Canada has designed specific immigration programs to target its own economic and demographic needs. These programs are referred to as Provincial Nomination Programs because the province can nominate specific individuals to be given permanent residency by the federal government.

This is how it works:

  1. The foreign national applies to a provincial program he is eligible for.
  2. The province reviews his application and, if it is approved, issues a Provincial Nomination.
  3. The foreign national applies to permanent residency to the federal government by showing that they received a provincial nomination.
  4. The federal government reviews the application by making sure the foreign national is not inadmissible to Canada through a medical exam, biometrics, and a criminal background check. If everything is OK, the foreign national receives permanent residency.

The province of Ontario has several programs that appeal to different kinds of foreign nationals. We focus on the French-Speaking stream which is a program for Francophones who also have intermediate knowledge of English. When an applicant feels that he has the basic requirements for one of the programs, he submits a profile to the Express Entry online portal. The ON PNP staff regularly review the profiles of eligible candidates in the Express Entry pool and send personal invitations to candidates who qualify for the French-Speaking stream to submit an application for a nomination. It is important to understand that an applicant cannot send an application to be considered part of the French-Speaking stream without first getting invited by the Ontario PNP through the Express Entry portal.

Here is a quick summary of the requirements for the Ontario French-Speaking stream: 

  • Must qualify as a Federal Skilled Worker or a Canadian Experience Class and have an active profile in the Express Entry online portal.
  • Have a CLB score in French of minimum 7 AND a CLB score in English of minimum 6.
  • Hold minimum a bachelor’s university degree.
  • Have the intention to live in Ontario and be able to prove it for example showing that you previously visited the province, have family in the province, or have a job offer. A job offer is NOT mandatory.


If you consider that you qualify for the Ontario French-Speaking stream program, book an appointment with our regulated immigration consultant to review all the details of your case and start your application.