Provincial Nominee Programs for Permanent Residency


Every province in Canada has designed specific immigration programs to target its own economic and demographic needs. These programs are referred to as Provincial Nomination Programs because the province can nominate specific individuals to be given permanent residency by the federal government.

This is how it works:

  1. The foreign national applies to a provincial program he is eligible for.
  2. The province reviews his application and, if it is approved, issues a Provincial Nomination.
  3. The foreign national applies to permanent residency with the federal government by showing that they received a provincial nomination.
  4. The federal government reviews the application by making sure the foreign national is not inadmissible to Canada through a medical exam, biometrics, and a criminal background check. If everything is OK, the foreign national receives permanent residency.

North Horizon Immigration Consulting works mainly with the programs in the provinces of British Columbia and Ontario. The province of BC is rapidly growing and has several programs for different kinds of professionals. Most provincial programs require a job offer, however in BC, there is a program designed for master’s and PHD candidates who graduated from a BC post-secondary institution to apply without a job offer. There is also a very creative program for semi-skilled jobs such as restaurant waitress, bar tenders, housekeeping hotel staff, and other occupations that usually cannot apply to permanent residency.

In the province of Ontario, the program our company works with the most is designed for Francophone candidates who also have an intermediate knowledge of English. This program was created to promote the growth of the Francophone communities in Ontario and also does not require a job offer.

Each province and each program have a long list of requirements and conditions. The information we provide on our website is only for guidance.

If you consider that you qualify for one of these programs, we recommend you book an appointment with our regulated immigration consultant to review all the details of your case and start your application.  


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