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Live in Canada with your own business

Invest in Canada and receive Permanent Residency for yourself and your family.

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We provide services for entrepreneurs who wish to open a business and reside in Canada.

We incorporate your company in Canada, we submit your work permit application and we take care of your permanent residency application for your whole family. Contact us today:

Two programs available

1.Subsidiary of your company

Establish a subsidiary in Canada of your current business. This program is referred to as “Intra-Company Transferee” by which the applicant is transferred to Canada to work in the new subsidiary as a director. We must demonstrate how the existing business will support the new Canadian office until it becomes self-sufficient. The work permit is issued for 2 to 4 years and we recommend an investment of $150 000 CAD. After the first 12 months, we apply for permanent residency.

2.Invest in a new Canadian business

This program is called “NAFTA Investor” and applies to Mexicans and Americans. It requires an investment of an applicant’s personal funds to purchase an existing Canadian business or start a new one. The applicant must invest a minimum of $150 000 CAD. The work permit is issued for 12 months. To request an extension, we must demonstrate the activities and advancements of the business during its first year. After the first 12 months, we apply for permanent residency.

How to start your process in 3 steps

1. Contact

Send us an email We will respond by sending you questions to evaluate your profile and establish which program is the best fit for you. It’s completely free!

2. Meeting

We will schedule a consultation to meet in person or virtually and talk in more details about preparing your personal strategy. We will answer all your questions and we will design a concrete action plan.

3. Application

We will begin the incorporation of your company and your initial investment. You will make a first exploratory business trip to Canada and we will submit your application to the Canadian government.

Our team provides a complete service

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