Business and Investment Immigration

The Canadian government rewards entrepreneurs and investors who choose Canada to open their business and invest their money. There are several different programs that fall under the category of business and investment immigration. Some operate at a national level and others at a provincial level. North Horizon Immigration Consulting focuses on three active investment programs that require operating a business and one passive investment program that only requires a financial investment. Although each program has its own set of conditions and processes, they can all provide the opportunity for a foreign national to get Canadian permanent residency.

The three active investor programs we work with require the foreign national to own and operate a business anywhere in Canada. Depending on the nature of each business and the nationality of the foreign national, one program may be better suited than the other.

  1. NAFTA Investor

This program applies to Mexican and USA citizens. It requires an investment of an applicant’s personal funds to purchase an existing Canadian business or start a new one. The applicant must invest a minimum of $150 000 CAD. The applicant first receives a work permit to move to Canada and operate the business. After 12 months, the applicant may qualify for permanent residency based on additional factors such as language and educational levels.

  1. Canadian Subsidiary

This program applies to citizens of any country listed in the General Agreement on Trades and Services (GATS) of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The candidate must own a company in one of the GATS countries and establish a subsidiary in Canada with a minimum capital of $60 000. The applicant first receives a work permit to operate the business and after 12 months, may qualify for permanent residency based on additional factors such as language and educational levels.

  1. Self Employed

This program is available for artists or athletes who can prove they will be self-employed upon immigrating to Canada. The applicants must have 2 years of global, international experience. They must provide proof and a business plan to describe how they will earn money as self-employed and contribute to the Canadian economic and cultural growth. Other selection factors include age, education and language. The applicant directly applies to permanent residency without the need for a preliminary work permit.



Business and investment immigration is one of our special areas of expertise at North Horizon Immigration Consulting. If you would like to participate in one of these programs, we encourage you to book an appointment with our regulated immigration consultant and talk about all the details.