Express Entry changes to benefit students and workers

Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada has announced on November 14th that there will be changes to the Express Entry system starting the week of November 19th 2016.

These changes will benefit people who are already in Canada, studying or working.

More points will be given to:

-Professionals with a job offer and an LMIA-Exempt work permit in Canada.

-Students who have completed studies in Canada.

Applicants still need to be eligible under one of the immigration categories: Canadian Experience Class, Skilled Worker or Skilled Trade Workers.

Since the Express Entry system started in January 2015, many international students found themselves at a disadvantage in the point system as even after 1 year of work experience in Canada, their points were still too low for all rounds of invitation. Another group of professionals who struggled in the Express Entry system were people who had job offers and worked with an LMIA exempt work permit. These job offers did not provide any points in the system unless they were accompanied with an LMIA or a provincial nomination. Awarding more points to people who study in Canada or who are already working in Canada is a way to facilitate the path to permanent residency for individuals who are already very well adapted to the Canadian society.

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