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Why work with us

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North Horizon Immigration Consulting Inc. is your best option to process your Canadian immigration. Our team is composed of dynamic professionals who have experienced the Canadian immigration process first hand. Our knowledge and various years of experience in immigration, international relations, governmental affairs and traveling means we are an excellent source of support and advice to help you before, during and after you reach your immigration goals.
[list_item icon=”ok”]Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, up-to-date knowledge[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”ok”]Services in English, Spanish, and French[/list_item]
[list_item icon=”ok”]Friendly, trustworthy and professional service.

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Rita Benkhalti

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Rita is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant with several years of experience working in different countries with people from all over the world. Her personal diverse cultural heritage provides her with a unique world view that eventually lead her to her current career, helping people from all over the world immigrate to Canada. Her mother is from Argentina, her father from Morocco, and she was born in the USA. Rita’s Canadian identity was shaped through living in Quebec, Toronto and Vancouver. She dedicates her business, volunteer hours, and personal life to serving immigrants who wish to contribute to the development of the Canadian economy and culture. Not surprisingly, Rita studied a Bachelors in Global Political science at York University in Toronto, a Masters of International Relations at the University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid, and a Canadian Immigration diploma at Ashton College in Vancouver. She is fluent in Spanish, Arabic, French and English and has plans to keep learning more languages in the future. She is dedicated to creating peace, understanding and cooperation between different cultures.[/two_third_last][/section]
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Estherly H. Castro Mosquera

Canadian Immigration Assistant

Estherly is the newest member of the North Horizon Immigration Team. Estherly became a Canadian citizen in 2014 and experienced the Canadian immigration process firsthand, arriving as a student, applying for permanent residency and then citizenship. Fluent in Spanish, French and English, Estherly is always ready to help clients understand and walk through the process of applying for the various immigration programs available in Canada along with her relatable experience. Prior to joining, she was looking to build a career around her passion for learning and teaching languages. Born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, she began her university education in Chambery, France where she studied Languages, Literature and Foreign Civilisations and immersed herself in French culture for almost four years. After studying and traveling in Europe a series of events led to her moving to Vancouver, Canada in 2008 to complete her Bachelor’s of Arts, Major in French at the University of British Columbia. [/two_third_last][/section]